Shipping and Payment

Methods of Shipping


I recommend choosing a Zásilkovna as the most convenient form of transport. This method is avilable in Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Poland and Romania. Simply choose from the list the branch you have closest and select it in the basket when choosing transport. I will carefully pack your order, send it and you can track its journey online in the shipment tracking system. After few days you will receive an e-mail or text invitation to pick up at your chosen branch. The package can be picked up by anyone who knows the password, you won't need an ID at all.

Approximate delivery prices:

Type of products Shipping to Slovakia Shipping to other countries
Anything up to 5 kg (eg 10 calendars) € 5 € 5
Anything up to 10 kg (eg 20 calendars) € 8 € 8+



I carefully pack my creations in reinforced bubble envelopes or tubes and send them by registered mail or packages via the Czech Post. After sending the goods, you will receive information by e-mail, including the delivery number. You can track its journey in the online shipment tracking system. If the courier does not reach you at the given address, the consignment will be stored at the appropriate post office and you should receive a notification in the mailbox that the consignment has been deposited. However, inserting notifications is not always reliable, so please check the delivery status by tracking shipments.

Approximate prices of postage:

Type of products Shipping to Slovakia Shipping to other countries
Bookmarks, buttons or postcards € 6 € 6
Prints in A4, A3 size, posters or calendar  € 10 € 1013
Larger amount of prints € 1112 € 14–28


Personal Collection

Personal collection is possible only by prior arrangement at:
Nevanova 1067/54, 163 00 Prague Řepy, Czech Republic. Visit Czech version of the e-shop to order.

Methods of Payment

Bank Transfer

After sending the order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and a request for payment containing the necessary bank details. You will pay for the products in advance with the correct variable symbol to the account kept with Fio banka. You need to send your payment in EUR as a SEPA payment, not as a payment abroad.

The shipment with your products will be sent only after the money has been credited to my bank account. If the goods are not paid within 14 days of sending the order, this order will be canceled. Payment by bank transfer is always free.



You can pay for the products using the PayPal payment, if you have an account there. After sending the order, you will be redirected to the Paypal payment gateway, where you can pay for the products after logging in. The money is credited to our account immediately, so I recommend choosing this option if you are in a hurry to place your order. Payment by PayPal is increased by a fee, which is calculated according to the total amount of the order and starts from 1 EUR.